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Excelling in the space of modern architecture, machine room-less elevators break through the premises of a machine room in a seamless way. We are the leading Machine Roomless Elevator Manufacturers offering powerful and high performance Machine Roomless Elevator solutions. With highly experienced engineers and extensive research and development, Saurashtra Elevators have developed best-in-class Machine Roomless Elevator that outshine conventional lifts.


Dedicated focus towards conservation of energy, Machine Roomless Elevator by Saurashtra Elevators allow up to 45 percent of energy savings as compared to its counterparts. A carrying capacity of up to 13 passengers makes it perfect for low to mid rise commercial settings. Stylish design and noise-free functioning ads to the oomph and style it brings to your surroundings.


The unmatched control system is powered by a 32-digit fully numeric micro-computer system with German technology. Enviable functional allocation, quick data processing, and real-time response make it the best choice for roomless elevator.


At Saurashtra Elevators, we offer distinctive designs at cost effective prices which makes us the leading Machine Roomless Elevator Manufacturers . Transforming the passenger experience in an economical manner is what we aim to do constantly.


Here are some of the top features of the advanced machine roomless elevators by Saurashtra Elevators :

 Space-saving and ideal for smaller spaces.

 High energy savings up to 45 percent thus caring for the environment.

 Low maintenance cost and best in industry durability.

 Ultra-modern German technology to power uninterrupted functioning.


Our Machine Roomless Elevators save a significant amount of energy (upto 80%) as compared to traditional elevators and encourage a greener environment. Backed by technological advancements, these high performance machine roomless elevators eliminate the need for a machine room over the hoistway.


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