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Taking the pain out of transporting goods internally in factories and warehouse settings, Goods Elevators are essential for smooth logistical operations. Saurashtra Elevators is the leading Goods Elevators Manufacturer that brings to you an ultra-modern range of , Goods Elevators designed for supporting freight movement.


Featuring Intelligent control systems including VP Control system and VVF controls for speed, , Goods Elevators by Saurashtra Elevators harness the most advanced technology to give a seamless performance. The simple and sturdy structure is low on maintenance and high on energy savings, making it all the more economical. Compared to its traditional counterparts, more accurate leveling is achieved owing to careful and researched engineering. The expansion interface ensures the safety requirement making , Goods Elevators by Saurashtra Elevators an ideal choice for freight movement. Determined towards customer satisfaction, we are the leading Goods Elevators Manufacturer who ensure timely after-sales services for any issues encountered. Fully utilizing the advanced and full-computerized control technology, we are proud to offer high quality and precision designed Goods Elevators in a wide range of shapes and sizes.





Here are the top features of the top-notch Goods elevators by Saurashtra Elevators

 The carrying capacity is up to 3000 KG load.

 Highly intensified shaped material goes into the making of the cabin. This makes the elevator fit for various cargoes.

 Impeccable leveling, controllable to several millimeters.

 Folded cabin door structure supports maximum width scope facilitating entry of variable dimensional cargos.

 Micro-processor with high-speed and excellent signal transmission to ensure excellent operating abilities.


Sturdy and Durable

Cabin is Made of highly intensified shaped materials, able to carry various kinds of cargoes.


Accurate Leveling

The accuracy of leveling can be controlled within a scope of several millimeters.


Large door width

Multiple folded cabin door structure is employed to reach the max width, which facilitates the entry of large cargos.



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