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Dedicated towards providing inspired elevator solutions, Saurashtra Elevators is a trusted Home Elevators Manufacturer India . With superior manufacturing and well-researched quality inspection, we bring to you our unique range of Home Elevators . Curated specifically for medium to high grade villas and duplex apartments, our range of home elevators add the right oomph and style to your den. Compact design that fits easily in your home without much construction requirements, home elevators by Saurashtra Elevators make living all the more convenient for you.


We are the leading Home Home Elevators Manufacturer In India that strive to satisfy your quality life requirements.We incorporate high degree safety standards using proven techniques and high speed without compromising on quality. A low maintenance cost and impeccable after sales service is what makes us the leading name in this domain.


Here are some of the top features of our range of home elevators: :

  Compact designs with gearless function to reduce noise to minimal.

  Can carry up to 4 people making it perfect for residential settings

  No machine room required and hence reduced construction costs.

  Guide rail to support appropriative traction machine bracket. Hence no load on building.

  Special automatic door with synchronous timing belt transmission.


The characteristics of home lift :

 No need of traditional machine room, without increasing any construction cost.

 Specially designed rucksack frame for the home lift with traction ratio 2:1.

  No need of traditional machine room, without increasing any construction cost.

  Slide + Roller composite guides shoe.

  The appropriative traction machine bracket is fixed on the guide rail. The building will not have any load.

  We apply 220V single-phase home lift special machine.

  Automatic special door machine, synchronous timing belt transmission.






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